GTO Tech

GTO tech is a project that was born in 2015 in the Czech Republic by the hands of some motorsport professionals with the aim of faithfully replicating some prestigious cars that have made automobile history in the sports field.

In 2017 the company saw the entry of some Italian partners who set themselves the goal of relaunching the ambitious projects that GTO-TECH had undertaken but which had never been able to develop.

This is how the collaboration with Elmet srl was born, a company from Piovene Rocchette (VI), specialized in precision mechanical constructions and which made available all the know-how gained in thirty years of experience in the construction of advanced mechanical parts.

The symbiosis between the two production companies, GTO-Tech on the one hand with the knowledge acquired in the world of engines and Elmet on the other with the technology expressed and made available to GTO-Tech, has meant that a reality that generates quality and passion.


There are no specific studies, ideas, prototypes or technologies that cannot be improved. Motorsport is an environment where everything changes day after day through frantic research, exploration, continuous testing, pushing endless revisions to the limits. Only those who, in their good or bad experiences, are led to live this passion with determination can survive.