GTO Tech

GTO’s name is inspired by the 60s Ferrari 250 model: universally defined as the apogee of automotive achievement, and recognized as the most admired car by classic collectors around the world. Ferrari GTO (Guildford Technical Office) was also the name of the well-known Research & Development department born in England in the 1980s, headed by John Barnard. It was a truly avant-garde technical centre, which bought in many revolutionary developments in the racecar industry.

In the collective imagination, this inscription still sums up an idea of ​​excellence: something amazing, definitely out of the ordinary. These three letters have an even deeper resonance for all those who have made motorsport their main goal in life; they emerged from the Ferrari GT registration, which became not “just” the name of a car, but a milestone where road cars were being introduced for racing: GTO also stood for “Gran Turismo Omologato” (homologated grand touring).

GTO Tech therefore wants to replicate these evolutionary concepts: to keep this vision accessible with the same will that others before us have achieved; to create a centre of excellence where the transition from design to construction can take place under one roof.


Our goal is to shape the future of motorsport by drawing on past experience, handing down our knowledge to all fans. We aim to realise our own creativity by building something unique, capable of leaving an indelible imprint in the world of motorsport.

We want to overturn the static vision of motorsport as a closed and exclusive world, and to make this fantastic industry known to more than a selected few. The race is just the final outcome, behind this there is an unknown universe: ours.


The research for the correct locations has always played a fundamental role in the development of our activities. The will to reach ambitious targets has lead GTO Tech’s staff to establish their foundations in different places in Europe. From the admin offices in Prague to the prototype workshop in Mochov, all the way to the machining plant in Vicenza.
Every location has been devised for as specific role, capable of reflecting the original visions and mission of the company.