By collaborating with allied industries in the technological-mechanical sector for many years, we have consolidated our expertise and developed our knowledge of the craftsmanship of the more traditional materials. However, to meet the requirements of clients’ technical problems, we have also gained expertise in crafting specialised materials. By using cutting-edge technology and co-operating with various universities, we can guarantee the constant high-level quality standards of our services and products.

Engine & Components

Engine & Components

Chassis & Framework

Chassis & Framework

Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems


Development & Construction

of Historical, Modern, Racing & Performance Car Parts: from sample to finished product

Complete replica
rebuilt cars


Mechanical Working

Specialist Welding Services

Melting Process

Reverse Engineering

Thermal Treatment

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A great service GTO can provide, unique in the motorsport sector, consists in making their notable consulting team available to its public. From project design and crafting, to the final testing and race worthy controls, consulting is made with the best designers and technicians of worldwide fame; definitely an added determining value for any type of vehicle and category.

Development & Construction of Historical, Modern, Racing & Performance Car Parts, from samples to finished product

Development and creation of any mechanical component, regardless of its application area: Historic or modern racing, flowing its every production phase cycles, from prototype sample to final product.

 Re-engineering and Improvement of Race Car Components

Evaluation of mechanical components for adaptable solutions to increase performance based on desired objectives and goals.

We provide guidance in material usage, production procedures, and thermal/heat treatments and/or surface treatment.