Pursuit for challenge

There are no specific studies, ideas, prototypes or technologies that cannot be improved. Motorsport is an environment where everything changes day after day through constant research, exploration, continued testing, while pushing infinite revisions to its limits. Only those who, in their own bittersweet experiences, and have come to live with this passion and determination may survive.

Preparation and Tenacity are essential. You must face yourself to develop the techniques needed in creating something competitive. Because this is what motorsport entails: breaking the limits reached just moments before, and a challenge, our challenge. It’s not about building a car or technology to intrigue the public, but to find solutions that can lead your/our team to victory: winning thanks to systems never seen before.

In GTO Tech everyone knows how true these words are. We have all lived these experiences up close and accepted these ideals and values, through a journey that has lasted more than thirty years.


GTO Tech’s vision is clear: to form a team where everyone has the freedom to express their potentials and achieve application levels never reached before. Mould old ways with new ways in mastering something unique. Decontextualise. Imagine. Win. This is our philosophy, our winning team.